Lidar Guys is a ground-based lidar and 3D data capture company. We are headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico but regularly work across the US and around the world.

Our specialty is using ground-based lidar and close-range photogrammetry to develop detailed 3D computer models of the world around us. With over 15 years experience in 3D scanning we can deliver accurate models of everything from hand-held objects with millimeter scale features to multi-acre environments with centimeter to decimeter scale features. Whether you’re an engineer analyzing an existing structure, a scientist monitoring the earth’s changing surface, or a VFX artist in need of reference data or production assets we can help. As a small company we take pride in providing custom solutions for each client that seek to address their unique needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

Although we produce 3D data for users in numerous fields our background is in the geosciences and we still place a strong emphasis on applications in that field. These applications include fracture characterization for reservoir model parametrization, lithofacies mapping, high-resolution topographic mapping, and geomorphic change detection. Our expertise in these areas allow us to offer additional geologic and GIS consulting solutions.