3D Scanning Services

Lidar Guys provides a range of 3D scanning services. Although lidar is in our name it is all about the data. We also use photogrammetry, both in combination with ground-based lidar and on its own, to assure that we collect the right data for our clients in the most efficient way possible. Depending on the client’s needs we can deliver everything from minimally processed point clouds to fully analyzed data packages.

We offer more than 15 years experience on four continents and have successfully completed scanning projects everywhere from film studios to industrial facilities to helicopter accessible field camps. We are pleased to offer efficient well-tested solutions for many of the typical applications of 3D scanning, however, we have never backed away from hard problems and hard projects. The applications of 3D scanning are limited only by your imagination and we look forward to developing custom solutions that can turn that imagination in to reality.

Our services include:

Data Collection Modeling Analysis
Ground-Based Lidar Point Cloud Classification Outcrop Characterization
Close-Range Photogrammetry Digitizing/Feature Extraction Fracture Characterization
Low-Altitude Aerial Photogrammetry Textured & Untextured Polygonal Mesh Modeling Change Detection & Monitoring
GIS Terrain Modeling Clash Detection
Orthophoto Generation Viewshed Analysis
Printable 3D Models Mapping & Image Analysis